The “Roseli” Group was incorporated in the year of 1984 and within a span of few years it became a major player in the Artificial Leather Cloth manufacturing Industry. The “Roseli” Group has made rapid progress in expanding and diversifying its business activities. The group is now having remarkable presence in the field of PU+PVC Leather Cloth also known as Synthetic Leather / PVC Coated Fabric / Artificial Leather, Calandered PVC Sheeting, PVC Film and Investment Casting.

Our Group Companies

1. Roto Screentech Pvt Ltd: Eshtablished in 1984 and is the pioneer of the “Roseli Group”. Strong management skills and technical knowhow of group have caved the way to success. Initial production of PU+PVC Leather Cloth / Artificial Leather was 2.4 million linear Meter P.A, which increased to 4.8 Million Linear Meter P.A. It shows the optimal utilization of available Resources with the help of new and innovation techniques. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, which shows its strong adherence to quality control and quality assurance. The company is having remarkable presence in more than 40 countries world wide by exporting high quality material. Has a strong dealer network in India. It supplies material to leading Automobile Companies like Hyundai, General Motors, Ford, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and other OEMs customers.


2. Vinyoflex Ltd: Vinyoflex Ltd was incorporated in the year of 1996, having 2 lines of 4 Roll Calandered Machines. “Roseli” group have expanded its presence in the products like PVC Films & PVC Sheeting. Films both plain & printed, Flexible & Rigid, for application such as rainwear, shower curtains, file cover, table covers, car matt, Sun Visor, Door Trim, Stationery Products, etc. This unit also manufactures cable wrap tape, insulation tape, wire harness tape, vinyl wall cover, PVC Flexible Sheeting for Urine Bags etc. This company is also an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.


3. Polytrans Lemicoats Pvt Ltd: is “Roseli” Group’s Second PU+PVC Leather Cloth/Artificial Leather Cloth manufacturing Unit in the year of 2003. It started its new unit at Bamanbore GIDC to add 50 % capacity to Roto Screentech Pvt Ltd. With the technical knowhow and expertise of the Group, it has created its unique Brand name in the market.


4. Inova Cast Pvt. Ltd: Established in 1993 with well equipped modern manufacturing facilities, Innova cast started manufacturing castings for different industrial clientele. The product range includes different parts of ferros and non farros metals manufactured by the state of art latest technology in Investment Casting. It is having installed production capacity of 60MT Per Month. This plant is ISO 9001 : 2008, P.E.D. of TUV NORD-Germany, AD 2000-Merkblatt W 0 of TUV NORD- Germany etc.


5. Inovative Technocast Pvt Ltd: in 2005, “Roseli” Group came up with its 2nd Investment Casting manufacturing unit by the name of Inovative Technocast Pvt Ltd. to meet the growing needs of the customers. It has added 100% capacity to Inova Cast Pvt Ltd. This plant is ISO 9001 : 2008, P.E.D. of TUV NORD-Germany, AD 2000-Merkblatt W 0 of TUV NORD- Germany etc.


6. Roselin Leathers Pvt Ltd:“Roseli” Group’s Latest venture is Roselin Leathers Pvt Ltd. In the year of 2010 this company was established to cater high demand in the market for “Roseli” made PU+PVC Leather Cloth / Artificial Leather Cloth. New plant is having all new technology, vacuum Embossing, Lamination Machine, Lab equipments, R&D team and Infrastructure. Now “Roseli” Group is all set to accept any challenge in the Industry.