“Roseli” have vide range of products to offer automotive companies. Apart from the range of products, the company is continuously striving to develop new products with enhanced product features, durability, and touch of class in upholstery which is the main part of the experience for any automotive to offer.
“Roseli” produces wide veriety of collection of specialized leather for footwear industry. Artificial leather is widely used in the footwear industries because of the wide range of print and high durability.




We can consider furnishing industry as large consumer for Artificial Leather / PVC Leather cloth. Due to shortage and high cost of original leather, Artificial leather is considered as the best alternative and substitute. High durability and wide range of textures, colors, prints and embosses have enhanced the creativity of furnishing industries and can offer now very unique designs to customers.
An ever-changing fashion accessory demands many new and innovative ideas. This market of fashion accessories is very well covered by “Roseli” products. It has versatile product range which is suitable for purses, jackets, stationery products like file folder, covers, diary covers, belts, wallets and many other endless applications as the creative mind can think of.