Quality Control

Inspection :

“Roseli” is very strict and adhered to the quality control. The quality control standards adopted by “Roseli” have broadened the market for its products. Each Stage of process is closely monitored by specialized team to reduce the wastages, defects and deviation in customer’s specific requirement. Group is now all set to have online process monitoring, record keeping, and maintaining.

  1. Raw Material Inspection:

“Roseli” have pre decided quality for each raw material used to manufacture finished goods. Each incoming raw material passes through stringent monitoring process to check any deviation in the specified raw materials. After satisfying each test comparing with internal quality and supplier’s report, material is sent for storage. “Roseli” have policy to buy raw material from standard supplier only to reduce rejection at the first stage.

  1. Production Inspection:

Online inspection is conducted to verify that the material is being produced as per requirement. First step for inspection includes checking color, feel, texture, emboss, weight and thickness and all other basic requirements before continuing production process. Then after sample is collected and sent for the laboratory test. In the laboratory following testing equipments are being used to control on process production.

  1.    Tensile tester    Spectrophoto meter    Flexi tester    Thickness gauge    Abrasion Tester

  2.    Crock Meter   UV Tester   Cold Impact Tester   Clod Flex Tester   Flame Resistance


   Seam Fatigue Tester    Stretch Tester   Humidifiers    Burst Tester    Spectra Lights


   Wyzenbeek Tester    Pinch Fold Tester    Magnifiers & Microscopes  

    Xenon Weather Meter
   Environmental Chamber

Finished goods inspection:

Each jumbo roll is inspected by trained inspector for visual defects and other physical parameters before it is packed. 100 % material is inspected here for visual defects and cut it in to customers required size small rolls. It is then approved for dispatch to customers.

There are others test also applied for customer’s specific requirement such as fire retardancy, Anti Cold Crack, UV and other required tests asked for.